Celebrate the flavours of summer at Delaire Graff Restaurant

From Estate to plate

A menu harnessing the vibrancy of summer

With a menu that evolves with the seasons, the kitchen team at Delaire Graff Restaurant has been busy creating dishes that showcase the most beautiful seasonal ingredients. One dish that perfectly exemplifies the season, with vibrant colours and fresh flavours, is the restaurant’s Caprese salad. Naturally pollinated heirloom cherry tomatoes bursting with flavour, are paired with traditionally crafted Ciao Ciao Bocconcini, balsamic pearls and freshly picked basil. Another favourite amongst diners is a risotto served with locally sourced fresh seafood, langoustine, mussels and prawns, black risotto rice and charred lemons.

An extensive plant-based menu featuring hazelnut gnocchi, josper-fired beetroot and roasted butternut orzo – also makes the most of the abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs grown on the Estate. Within the restaurant, 65 per cent of the fresh produce on the menu is sourced from the Estate’s organic vegetable garden and greenhouse, with the remainder provided by local suppliers who share the same philosophy of organic farming.

Further preserving the land, food waste from the kitchen is used to build compost heaps, which in turn support the on-site wormery, producing a rich fertiliser which releases essential nutrients back into the soil, and so the cycle of sustainability continues.

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