Sustainability at Delaire Graff

Committed to Africa’s Future

We are committed to Africa’s future and our philosophy at Delaire Graff Estate is to “Create responsibly, Give whole-heartedly, Leave no trace”. This founding principle drives many exciting initiatives and innovations across the Estate and into other projects and initiatives supported by Delaire Graff such as the FACET Foundation.

The exterior of the Graff Leadership Centre building

Committed to Africa’s Future

Established by the founder of Delaire, Laurence Graff, the FACET Foundation (For Africa’s Children Every Time) is a charity that works with local partners to improve the lives of children and young adults in southern Africa. Each guest contributes to our ability to support FACET’s many programmes, especially the Pebbles Project, which enriches the lives of many in the local Winelands farming communities.

Where we work

Two children reading books in a FACET mobile reading library

South Africa

The Pebbles Project works directly with the local Stellenbosch community, of which Delaire Graff Estate forms a part. FACET provides funding to the Pebbles Project and supports several initiatives, including six Graff Mobile Learning Centres that tour the Winelands, providing access to books, computers and internet learning, alongside an engaging programme of after-school clubs, outings and activities.

Two elderly ladies smiling at a Delaire Graff community centre in Lesotho


Working in partnership with Help Lesotho, FACET funds a Graff Leadership Centre in Leribe that is devoted to improving the lives of vulnerable girls and members of the local community who have been affected by the proliferation of AIDS and HIV in the adult population. The centre has become a central meeting place for thousands of children, youth and grandmothers, as well as neighbouring communities and schools.

Young people smiling at the Graff Leadership centre in Botswana


Run by Stepping Stones International, the FACET Foundation funds a Graff Leadership Centre in Mochudi offering varied programmes designed to educate and teach life skills to local youth of all ages, with the aim of making them self-sufficient leaders of their communities, as well as providing counselling and welfare support.

The Delaire Graff Estate winery team during harvest selecting grapes from the vines

On the Estate

Various initiatives and programmes have been launched at Delaire Graff Estate to facilitate the growth and development of staff, and to ensure members of the Estate community always feel supported. These are diverse and range from a fully funded Delaire Graff football team and health-oriented staff canteen to skills training and access to affordable health care. Where possible, Delaire is committed to hiring employees directly from the surrounding Winelands.

The poly-tunnel gardens at Delaire Graff Estate

In the Kitchens

We use organic, home-grown and ethically sourced produce wherever possible throughout Delaire Graff Estate. Any food waste from the kitchens and offices is put to good use and converted into compost at the Estate Wormery, which is used to nourish the gardens, and biodegradable packaging is widely used.

Earth worms in the palm of a gardener's hands

Our Estate Wormery

A nutrition factory that never sleeps, our Estate Wormery continuously recycles and transforms leftovers from our kitchens and the Estate into organic, nutrient-rich compost and fertiliser. Absorbed at a slower rate than chemically created feed, it is one of the reasons why our greenhouse, vegetable garden and vineyards are thriving.

The gardens and vineyards of Delaire Graff Estate

In the Gardens and Vineyards

With gardens planted by world-renowned horticulturist Keith Kirsten and vineyards managed by hand, the natural environment at Delaire Graff Estate is carefully tended to maintain a delicate balance. Our water-wise gardens feature more than 350 species of plant, 70% of which are indigenous.

By committing to best practices, the ongoing preservation of the inherited biodiversity at Delaire is assured and local bird and insect species are flourishing in this vibrant corner of the Banghoek Valley.

A lady from room service smiling holding a stack of fresh linens

In the Lodges and broader Estate

“Creating responsibly” is integral to our philosophy at Delaire Graff. Every aspect of our Estate has been carefully considered to have a positive impact upon the earth, our guests and the people who work here.

Still and sparkling water is filtered and bottled on site, and linen is washed every second day (or on request) to help reduce water usage. Wherever possible, we build using sustainable materials and our flowers and produce are locally and responsibly sourced.


All proceeds from the sale of GRAFF go directly to our FACET charity

This immersive coffee table book is the story of Laurence Graff and the House he has built.  Featuring visually arresting imagery, essays by leading authors and personal reflections from the Graff family, GRAFF makes mesmerising reading for aficionados of High Jewellery. South African residents can purchase the book directly from our website.


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