100% Capri

At delaire graff estate

One of the world’s most exclusive boutiques, 100% Capri offers a luxury clothing and homeware range that evokes the essence of la dolce vita. Uniquely available in Africa at Delaire Graff Estate, the range is inspired by the stunning southern Italian island of Capri, where sun-drenched days are spent in covetable white linen.

MONDAY TO SATURDAY: 10H00 – 17H00 | SUNDAY: 10H00 – 16H00


a lady on a boat wearing white linen clothing from 100% Capri

The ultimate Italian lifestyle brand from Italian designer Antonino Aiello, 100% Capri produces eco-friendly pure white linen expertly handmade in Italy. Carefully handcrafted into luxurious fashion-led apparel for men, women and children.

100% Carpi selects natural linen fabric of the highest quality from European cultivation. Their manufacturing process has a history of traditional Italian tailoring mixed with innovative technology.

For enquiries, please email: capri@delaire.co.za
View the collections at www.100capri.com

a lady wearing 100% Capri white linen single shoulder blouse and sun hat
a lady wearing white linen blouse and a red and white head shawl from 100% Capri

100% Capri — The Finest Linen in the World

Opening hours and contacts:

Open daily; Monday – Saturday: 10H00-17H00 | Sunday: 10H00-16H00

For enquiries, please email capri@delaire.co.za

Learn more about 100% Capri and shop online at https://100capri.com/

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