Delaire Graff Cabernet retains top marks as best in South Africa

Tim Atkin Report 2021

Delaire Graff Estate wishes winemaker, Morné Vrey, viticulturist, Kallie Fernhout, and the Delaire Graff Wine team a resounding congratulations on their success in the 2021 Tim Atkin South African Report in which all wines submitted for scoring received 92 points or more. Further, Delaire Graff Estate has retained its First Growth status for the eighth year.

Master of Wine and leading expert on South African oenology, Tim Atkin, has released his ninth annual South African Report. Sharing insights into the year’s challenges and triumphs, and finding a few gems along the way, Atkin reflects on South Africa’s thriving and resilient industry. The Tim Atkin annual Report on South African wine has become a highlight for the South African wine industry. Maintaining an objective eye and providing an insightful yearly examination of the wine making environment against the backdrop of the current environmental and socio-political canvas, the results of Atkin’s report holds esteem which consistently portrays the resilience of the South African wine making community.

Faced once again with logistical challenges due to Covid-19 regulations, Atkins adapted his practices in 2021 condensing what would be a two-month on-site study of over 2,000 wines into a remote study without jeopardising the intimate input from the South African delegation. The resulting report draws upon the classic Bordeaux First Growth classification, to rank South Africa’s top 250 wine producers in a similar fashion.

One of less than ten vineyards to receive First Growth status eight times, Delaire Graff Estate has, since its inception in 2008, made its mark as one of the most highly awarded estates in the country.

Of the six Delaire Graff wines tasted for the Report, all have received 92 points and above; an outstanding result. Adding onto its success from previous years, the Laurence Graff Reserve 2018 received an astounding 96 points ranking it as a top Cabernet Sauvignon and retaining its spot on the Wines of the Year list. 

Winemaker, Morné Vrey, says about the Report,

‘It’s always a highlight for us as a team to receive the Tim Atkin results. Tim’s contribution to the wine industry in South Africa is of immense significance. Over the past nine years, he has maintained a level of scoring that is in line with the industry’s current standing and has a substantial impact in elevating the value of South African wines locally and abroad. Given the obstacles of the past two years, his unwavering commitment to continue with the Report despite the many hurdles presented is commendable.’



First Growth Status


Laurence Graff Reserve 2018- 96


Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2020 – 92
Delaire Graff Banghoek Chardonnay Reserve 2020 – 93
Delaire Graff White Reserve 2019 – 93
Delaire Graff Terraced Block Reserve Chardonnay 2020 – 94
The Banghoek 2018 – 94
Laurence Graff Reserve 2018- 96

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