Peach Pips Re-Imagined

Celebrating our cultural heritage 

A Conscious Design Detail 


Every detail at Delaire Graff Estate has been consciously crafted and designed to sit beautifully within the natural landscape while incorporating elements of our natural heritage. The striking peach pip walkway within the main foyer at the Estate is inspired by the traditional Cape Dutch style and features over one ton of recycled peach pips.


Creating the surface was a two-week process, which began with the laying of a waterproof concrete foundation, followed by a special adhesive. Each peach pip – sourced from local farms – was then positioned by hand and left to dry. Sharp edges were sanded down, and the walkway was then covered with resin to ad shine and ensure durability. The result is a masterpiece in upcycling that welcomes every guest to Delaire Graff Estate and leads them to their destination. 

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