Jardin de Delaire

A sensational journey through our botanical wonder

Magnificently manicured vineyards and gardens adorned with fascinating handcrafted sculptures and artwork ensure a sensorial journey from the moment you enter through our gates. It is thus only appropriate that we are widely known as the Jewel of the Cape Winelands.

To draw inspiration from this Jewel may seem an easy task. However, to find the golden thread that connects one to this experience proved to be a slight challenge. When given the opportunity to conceptualise Jardin de Delaire, the holistic healer and Delaire Graff Spa Manager, Hildegard Carstens, turned to aromachology in order to enforce the connection with our Estate and its majestic gardens.

Aromachology is the study of the influence of odours on human behaviour and examines the relationship between feelings and emotions. Our sense of smell is closely linked with our memories.

“I wanted to create a fragrance that evokes emotion, one that remains in our guests’ memory and portrays a true reflection of our gardens from which this product line draws inspiration” explains Hildegard Carstens, Delaire Graff Estate Spa Manager.

“I was ruthless in my pursuit for only the best African indigenous botanicals and world-class local artisans, thus remaining true to our Estate’s philosophy of social responsibility and eco‑sustainability.”

“For this, I turned to Wild Olive African Artisans, a leading custom manufacturer of natural perfumery and cosmetic products with over two decades of experience and unparalleled ethics during its manufacturing process.”

Mărioara de la Tară was called upon, and the brief was given as a unisex fragrance that serves as a reminder of one’s wander through the gardens of Delaire.

The essential oils included in the brief were very specific and were aimed at creating a revitalising, regenerating, relaxing and rejuvenating product while maintaining a modern and uplifting fragrance profile that our Spa visitors could appreciate.

Geranium, Cape May, Lavender, Pine, African Wild Rosemary are all home to the Estate and were carefully combined with precious materials such as Orris Root Absolute, Sandalwood and African resins to enhance the ethereal reflection of our garden’s atmosphere.

After almost a year of development, the air of the garden materialised in the perfume that is simply called Jardin de Delaire.

In addition to the custom Spa treatments developed exclusively for our guests, Jardin de Delaire is available as a diffuser, atmosphere perfume, perfume roll-on, burner oil and bath oil to name but a few. This range is sold exclusively on the estate, allowing our guests to take a piece of our majestic garden with them wherever they go.

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