The Carissa Collection

Floral inspiration


Throughout history, flowers have resonated with emotion and sentiment, acting as a source of great inspiration for some of the world’s most prolific artists. The vibrancy in a petal’s hue and tone, its captivating silhouette and the vivid patterns found deep within the flower’s bloom have been celebrated in art and design for centuries.


The French romantic poet Gerard De Nerval wrote that ‘every flower is a soul blossoming in nature’. Now, nature’s beauty in its most beguiling form is interpreted in Graff Diamond’s
exquisite Carissa Collection.


The Greek name for ‘beloved’, the Carissa is an exotic and distinctly delicate flower with five defined willowy petals bursting open with purpose. A delicate bloom that thrives in warm, sunny climates, the Carissa Collection is inspired by the award-winning gardens at Delaire Graff Estate, home to an abundance of this seductive flower.


Captured at its most exuberant, the Carissa flower is intricately depicted throughout the collection in an arrangement of pear shape and marquise gemstones. Designed and crafted at Graff’s London atelier, scintillating diamonds, and tantalising rubies, emeralds and sapphires are cradled within a minimal setting ensuring the distinction of each stone is intensified.


The dainty Carissa’s revered presence within the Estate gardens only makes them more beloved as a jewel. At Graff Diamonds, the charismatic blossom has been flawlessly translated into a range of necklace, earring and bracelet designs. It’s a motif that exemplifies the power and beauty of the natural world that so serenely ornaments Delaire Graff Estate.

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