The Gardens

A Botanical Wonder


To encourage biodiversity, over 350 indigenous plants and other imported, non-invasive species nestle amongst art, sculpture, rippling water features and reflective pools that work in harmony to create the ultimate tranquil garden setting.

Just as our greenhouses and dynamic gardens give us fresh organic produce year round for our kitchens, the spectacular floral gardens play their unique role-radiant, layered colour greets guests from the very first moment and continues across every facet, planted to bloom 365 days a year.



The Landscape Artist

Keith Kirsten


Keith Kirsten is the globally recognised talent behind the gardens and landscaping. A celebrity horticulturalist and global award-winning landscape designer, his expansive knowledge of African flora creates an uncompromisingly spectacular display day after day. A fitting backdrop to the Estate – and testament to his boundless passion for plants, people and the environment.


Art in the Landscape


Dylan Lewis’ towering cheetahs grace the Estate’s landscape cast from solid bronze. We are proud to house a collection featuring over ten pieces in situ. Other works in our gardens include sculptures by Deborah Bell and Anton Smit.