Africa Nova Gallery

At Delaire Graff Estate

Africa Nova offers its unique blend of art, craft and contemporary design to guests visiting the Estate. Housed in an exquisitely curated space, the Africa Nova Gallery delivers its signature style by focusing on the cultural wealth of the African continent.

Open 07h30 to 20h00 Monday to Sunday. 

Africa Nova shop exterior at Delaire Graff Estate
A decorative golden bowl on display at Africa Nova

Renowned for its finely curated collections, the gallery boldly mixes contemporary design with exquisite tribal art and rare artefacts.

Leading ceramicists are represented along with textiles, sculpture, jewellery, accessories and woodcarving. Every piece is handmade, chosen with an unerring eye and beautifully displayed.

“That intimate and irregular quality of things made entirely by the human hand.”

NEW IN THE gallery

Astrid Dahl, Orchidacea

KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 2020
Hand-built ceramic
10.3kg | 36cm H x 55cm D

Charmaine Haines, Abstract portrait vase

Charmaine Haines, Abstract portrait

Nieu Bethesda, South Africa, 2020
3.0 kg | 36cm H x 27cm D

Two Bronze Age, Gilded Spikey Bowls

Bronze Age, Gilded Spikey Bowl

Cape Town, South Africa
Bronze, gilded with gold-leaf
Medium: 1.8 kg | 11cm H x 21cm D
Large: 6.1 kg | 16cm H x 30cm D

Ardmore, King Cheetah Rider

Ardmore, King Cheetah Rider

Zulu, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 2019
1.01 kg | 27cm H x 26cm LD

Ukhezo (Wooden spoons)

Ukhezo (Wooden spoons)

Zulu, KwaZulu Natal, late 20th century
Wood | Collection Valeria Ianigro
40cm length

Rwandan Milk Pots

Rwandan Milk Pots

Pair: 1.04 kg | 33cm H and 32cm H

Dinka, South Sudan, mid 20th century

Dinka Headrest

Dinka, South Sudan, mid 20th century
1.18 kg | 25cm H x 55cm L x 12cm W

Venavi Dolls, Ewe, Southeastern Ghana

Venavi Dolls

Ewe, Southeastern Ghana
Wood and beads | Contemporary
728 g | 24cm H x 26cm W x 6cm L

Ifè Bronze Bust

Ifè Bronze Bust

2.2 kg | 32cm H x 15cm W x 22cm L

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a beaded African headress on display in the Africa Nova boutique at Delaire Graff Estate
African cultural artifacts on display at Africa Nova boutique at Delaire Graff Estate

Opening hours and contacts:

The gallery is open daily from 07h30 to 20h00 Monday to Sunday. 

For enquiries, please email

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