Celebrating Chenin

Explore the delights of Chenin Blanc with this exciting recipe by head chef Micheal Deg


Celebrate Chenin Blanc Day with our delicious Swartland Reserve. The grapes for this wine are harvested from 30-40 year old bush vines in the Swartland area, providing exceptional flavours. Hints of citrus and white peach tantalize the palate, making it the perfect wine to pair with seafood. You can find his recipe here:

Seared Tuna, Chermoula crust, carrot hummus, coriander gremolata, ginger & apple gel, artichoke crisps, cumin hung yoghurt 

(Serves 4)

Ingredients:  500g fresh sushi quality tuna steak uncut, 50g chermoula spice, 5 large carrots, 1 bulb garlic peeled and chopped, 2tbl spoons tahini paste, 2 lemons, 500g coriander, 250g panko bread crumbs, 1 knob ginger, 200ml apple juice, 2 grams agar agar. 5 large Jerusalem artichokes, 250g plain greek yoghurt, 1tbls spoon whole cumin

Method:  For the tuna: using a sharp fish knife carve the tuna into long cylinder shapes as round as you can get it, you might have a little bit of wastage, but that could be used for a tuna tartar, so the width of your tuna should almost be the size of a R5 coin, then season with salt and pepper and sear in a very hot pan only using a very little amount of cooking oil, this should take very quick as you want the tuna to be as rare as possible, once the tuna cylinders as been seared, transfer to the fridge to cool off a little bit, then once cooled roll the tuna in the chermoula crust until evenly coated, transfer to cling wrap and roll as tight a possible into a round cylinder shape, store in the fridge for at least 2 hours to set.

For the carrot hummus: peel and wash the carrots, chop up into small pieces and boil in salted water until soft, transfer to a blender, add the raw chopped garlic, add the tahini paste, microplane the zest of the lemons and also add the juice, season with salt and pepper, then blend to make the hummus, remember hummus should be slightly rough so don’t blend it into a purée.

For the coriander gremolata: wash the coriander, then dry using a salad spinner, transfer to a baking tray, and dry further in a oven set at 80c for one hour, the coriander should have no moisture left in it at all, transfer to a blender and add the panko bread crumbs, blend to make a fine green crumb, keep in a airtight container

For the ginger and apple gel: peel and microplane the ginger into the apple juice, add the agar agar, and bring the boil, once just under boiling point, transfer to a container and set in the fridge, this should take about an hour to set, take the set gel and transfer to a blender and blend to make the smooth gel. Transfer to a small squeeze bottle.

For the artichoke crisps: wash the artichokes but keep the skin intact, using a mandolin slice the artichokes very thin, then deep fry at a temperature of 150c unit golden, takes about 3 minutes, transfer to kitchen towel to drain any excess oil, then season with some of the chermoula spice.

For the cumin hung yoghurt: hang the yoghurt in cheese cloth over night to thicken (same process as making labneh), remember to place a bowl under the cloth otherwise you will make a mess! Transfer the thickened hung yoghurt to bowl and add the cumin and mix thoroughly.

To assemble: Portion the tuna evenly using a sharp knife, keep the cling wrap on when slicing to keep the shape of the tuna, then take the cling wrap off just before serving, make a design with the hung yoghurt on a cool plate of your choice, then add the tuna medallion on the yoghurt, put a couple of nipples of gel on the plate, then spoon the gremolata on around the tuna, garnish with the crisps, then find some funky garnish to use on the plate, I like using wood sorrel, nasturtium, mustard shoots, or sunflower shoots, or just some fresh sprigs of coriander, whatever looks cool or what you can find at the time.



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