World Oceans Day

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World Oceans Day, celebrated on 8 June 2018, is an international opportunity to honour the beauty, wealth and promise of our shared oceans. Covering two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, our seas are the very foundation of life. They are the lungs of our planet, generating most of the oxygen we breathe. They absorb a large share of carbon emissions, regulate the climate, and provide essential food and nutrients. A healthy ocean is critical to our survival.


World Oceans Day serves to remind us of the fundamental challenges facing the marine world. Dwindling resources continue to weaken due to the pressure exerted by overfishing and environmental changes, with numerous species disappearing from the seas and others struggling to reproduce. Relais & Châteaux Chefs around the world act as a unified force in collaboration for a better future. Through food and hospitality, Relais & Châteaux establishments can serve as influential spokespersons for precious marine resources, that connects us all.


Delaire Graff Estate is committed to standing alongside Relais & Châteaux for the preservation of oceanic biodiversity, furthering the cause every day by only cooking with ethically-sourced seafood products at Indochine and Delaire Graff Restaurant. “Our chefs pay special attention to quality as well as sustainable fishing practices. We endeavour to cook without waste and always ensure that threatened species are absent from the table. The ocean is a source of endless inspiration for us as chefs and it desperately needs to be protected – by playing a small part, we hope to make a difference together”, says Virgil Kahn, Head Chef of Indochine Restaurant.


Join us in celebrating World Oceans Day at Indochine Restaurant on 8 June 2018 with an exquisite five-course menu that pays tribute to local and sustainable seafood. Follow the link to view the menu and learn more about the Relais & Châteaux commitment: Click Here


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