Recycling in style

Peach pip floors


Delaire Graff Estate has been consciously designed to sit beautifully in the natural landscape while incorporating elements of cultural heritage.


The iconic peach pip floor located in the main foyer is inspired by the traditional Cape style. Customarily used for its durability for almost 100 years, peach pip flooring is an extraordinary flooring style adding an unexpected textural element to the space.


Creating the whimsical surface is a two week process and begins with a waterproof concrete foundation with a special gum atop. At our estate, over a ton of peach pips are arranged by hand with spectacular results. The pips are left to dry before the sharp edges are sanded down and covered in layers of resin with a poxy adding shine and durability.


The peach pips themselves are sourced from local fruit farms once the flesh of the fruits have been used, a recycling innovation which leaves a lasting impression.


Visit the Estate’s main building to experience this striking flooring in person.

Delaire Graff Restaurant


Delaire Graff Restaurant Opening hours:

Lunch Daily: 12h00 to 14h00

Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday 18h30 to 21h00



Indochine Opening hours:

Lunch Daily: 12h00 to 14h30

Dinner Daily: 18h30 to 21h00

Delaire Graff Spa

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Delaire Graff Lodges and Spa

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    The Delaire Graff Lodges and Spa are currently undergoing expansive renovations. Certain parts of the Owners lodge as well as some of the luxury lodges may experience some minor disturbances during this period. This work will continue until the second quarter of 2018. We apologies for any inconvenience and offer our sincere gratitude for your patience and continued support. We look forward to sharing our new offering with you.

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